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Ibex - Men's Sweaters & Outerwear

                Ibex set up its headquarters in Woodstock, Vermont and still calls the small Vermont village home, even as it extends its roots across North America, Europe, and Asia. The initially small product line featured jackets and pullovers like the Zepher Zip-T and the Bregenz, garments that have since evolved into Ibex classics. Today, Ibex crafts clothing for every season, offering a complete range of outdoor apparel including baselayers, midlayers, jackets, and accessories.

                In the early years, Ibex wool was sourced locally and knitted in Rhode Island. But the fabrics just didn’t meet Ibex’s high standards for comfort and durability. So when an opportunity to work with family-run sheep stations in the high-alpine pastures of New Zealand’s Southern Alps came along, Ibex jumped on it. These specialist farmers produce the highest quality fibers from the special pink-nosed, pink-footed sheep known as Merino. The fact that the farmers are committed to sustainable practices as they humanely guard their flocks and care for the land that has been passed down through generations inspires Ibex to be mindful of the environment in every stage of the production of their garments, from sheep to shelf.

    At the cornerstone of Ibex is the Merino fiber, and a passion for the renewable, ultra-soft, high-performing fabrics knitted from this extraordinarily dynamic fiber continues to drive Ibex to offer our customers the best of what nature and human ingenuity has to offer.